The purpose of the online high school study abroad preparation course is not only to improve your English proficiency but also to reproduce the lessons abroad more realistically and to experience the environment before studying abroad. Overseas, it is common to study English separately for each purpose, and this term added a new essay course. Practical learning to write essays in English, which Japanese people are not good at. In addition, now in terms, we will study Chemistry and Biology, which have received many requests from before. Because it uses a lot of technical terms, it is a highly effective subject to study in advance before studying abroad.

DEOW Co., Ltd., which manages the study abroad world, offers online courses for students planning to go to a high school abroad.

  • Period: July 6-31 (1 term = 4 weeks)
  • Class time: 17:00~19:15 (1 hour x 2 lessons)
  • Student Nationality: Students from Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam will participate
  • Target age: 14-17 years old
  • Cost: $300
  • Maximum class size: 6 people


  • Because it is an online class, devices such as PCs and tablets and an internet environment are required.
  • It is a joint program of 3 countries: Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan, and you can study in an environment closer to overseas because it is multinational.
  • Japanese students studying at Western universities support students as Tutors. You can get detailed questions about the class and advice on local life


  • English

    Grammer classes teach you the basic knowledge you need in English. In Reading, you will practice long text reading and shorthand writing. Reading long texts and improving your reading comprehension in English are of the utmost importance to local level English masters.

  • Math

    You will learn mathematics from the basics along with essential terms using the US SSAT test preparation that covers arithmetic from elementary school to junior high school level as a teaching material. By actually solving mathematical problems in English, you can dramatically improve your understanding of English.

  • Chemistry and Biology

    Students will study chemistry and biology at the level of junior high school to high school first grade in English. These two subjects focus on memorization, but there are many technical terms, and it is a difficult subject to study in English. By learning the known content in English as well, you will become familiar with the usage of terms and prepare for a smooth transition to high school classes.

  • Essay presentation

    We will anticipate essays and presentations that Japanese people are not most comfortable with. International students, who by all means have a handicap compared to natives, will learn in practice how to survive these classes.
    Sample schedule


    Time                 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
    17:00-18:00        EnglishEnglishEnglishEssay English
    18:15-19:15Math SSAT/ SATChemistryPresentation skillsMath SSAT/SATBiology              

    Teacher introduction



    English Teacher

    Gregory is our main English Teacher, and is originally from the United Kingdom.He is a veteran teacher with over 10 years experience, and has spent the last decade living and working in Japan.As a father as well as a teacher, Gregory is very familiar with teenagers and their needs.He has taught hundreds of young Japanese students and understands many of the challenges they face when learning English.


    Presentation & Debates Teacher

    Camille was born and raised in the Philippines, and is currently a Masters Student at Sophia University with a specialization in Global Environmental Studies.Before this, Camille graduated with a degree in Psychology, and was at the top of her class, receiving the Award of Merit for one of her publications, an Honorable Mention for her high grades, and a Bronze Medal of Leadership for her exemplary leadership skills.


    Mathematics Teacher

    Eugene grew up in the United States and has over 5 years of experience teaching English in a variety of settings, which includes providing academic English classes at some of the top universities in Japan.Overall, he has helped students on a wide range of subjects, including standardized English and math test preparation (SAT as well as GMAT).



    Program Director

    Luke is originally from Toronto, Canada.After graduating in Psychology at York University, Luke spent the past 10 years working with Japanese people, which includes creating the Toronto Japanese Summer Festival and launching a Japanese company around the world in Canada, Australia, New Zealand , Taiwan and the United States.In addition, Luke has developed an innovative method of English language coaching to his Japanese students for everyday use as well as workplace environments.

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    Telephone: 028 39300712