School Type Introduction

Higher quality higher education, opportunities to work even after graduation
In Canada there are over 90 institutions of higher education with the right to grant degrees, most of which are public. In addition to the bachelor 's degree course, many courses are offered that qualify diplomas and so on that are not degrees, and the quality is kept high by the small number of schools.

If you take a credential such as a degree or diploma in Canada, you can apply for a work permit valid for up to 3 years after graduation and it is a very attractive destination for regular studying abroad for those wanting to get a job abroad. 

Preference information

  • Required academic background application condition

    You need education higher than high school. Those who graduate from high school in Canada may be advantageous in terms of the language and local learning environment, but it is also good to go out of high school in Vietnam and enter the Canadian university directly, score, level of English Depending on academic ability it is not impossible.

  • About English proficiency

    Although the mainstream English test is TOEFL, other ability tests such as IELTS may be accepted as effective. In the case of TOEFL, more than 80 points are often used as criteria, and IELTS is required to have a level of English ability to take more than 6.0. Some universities have founded a foundation program for international students who just graduated from high school. The content is preparatory course for students who become strengthened in English ability and study method (essay, method of writing thesis etc) etc, high school grades are sufficient but the English level condition is not satisfied. After completing the program after passing the program, you may be able to proceed to the degree department without having to take the English proficiency test again. The hurdle to go to the department is an attractive program for international students who only have language barriers.