High school

School Type Introduction

Boarding school with the best education and student welfare
Schools which accept international students in the UK are private schools, and in most cases they will be in a boarding system (stay in a dorm).
School expenses are higher than in other countries, but British boarding schools that are ranked with their high educational standards all over the world. They offer not only the quality of classes and students' care, but also for school facilities, extracurricular activities, planned school trips.

Preference information

  • Number of students are accepted to University

    The number of students graduate from a school and get accepted to University is one of the concern by parents. Most of students who graduate from boarding schools in the UK are likely to be accepted to any Univeristy in the world and 

  • Support for foreign students

    In many cases, private schools that accept international students have prepared support systems such as providing preparatory courses and supplementary English lessons. Schools are responsible for students' final result hence they will try all the ways to help students to archieve.

  • Eligible qualifications

    Most British schools offer curriculums of GCSE, A-Level, or International Baccalaureate (IB) mainly in accordance with the educational system in the UK. Parents need to decide what curriculum is the best for their children and most advantage for the University application.

  • Various types of school to choose

    Since educational policy and school style will change according to each school, it is important to choose a school that suits the students so that they can make a meaningful and fulfilling study time. The best thing to do before making the decision is to visit the school if possible, try to experience the lessons, participate in club activities, visit dormitory. School visit like this help parents and students experience  a more comprehensive viewpoint and make the right decision.