Language Schools

School Type Introduction

Learning British English
Britain with a long history of English education and a large number of language schools with in the country. Language schools which locate in various major cities including London, offering different study environments. it is important to find a course and location that suits your needs and to experience your life abroad.
Students can learn English anywhere in the world not only in the UK including their own home country. However, if you want to learn British English or royal English then UK will definitely the country that you would love to consider.

Preference information

  • Short-term study abroad

    IStudents can study at any language schools in the UK with a short-term visa for 6 months. Courses that students can take including ESL, Business ESL, IELTS exam preparation and Summer camps, etc.

  • Long term study abroad

    Students can apply for long-term visa for 11 months to enroll to longer courses such as Foundation and other preparation courses.