High school

School Type Introduction

Preparation from the early stage 
For junior high school students and high school students who are considering going to university in the United States, it isessential to acquire necessary English skills and knowledge especially at the high school level. When you proceed to acquire the high school diploma, you can present the diploma at the time of submitting the application to the university.

Schools that foreign students can attend are private schools that can apply for student visas mainly, enrolled in the form of boarding (staying in a dorm) or homestay. Since the options that can be chosen by the school change, if you are committed to your way of staying, you need to confirm before applying

Preference information

  • Graduate's advancement rate and academic achievement

    If you are going to study abroad with a view to going on to school, it is a concern about the results of the students at that school and the career after graduation. If there are specially designed ones that aim to go to college of university especially among the courses that are being offered, it may be the point that the environment to further extend excellent students is well prepared.

  • Support system for international students

    Language skills are indispensable for studying subjects firmly, but it is also an important point in choosing schools as to how well support is strengthened to enhance this.

  • Whether school winds fit for children

    International students can mainly attend private schools, but the school wind changes with the philosophy and educational policy that each school takes care of. It is important to choose a school that is compatible with the students' own goals. Since it depends on the point school life such as whether the way of stay is a dormitory or a homestay, let's make a plan that matches the person's personality etc.