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The locally spoken English is unique, and the geographical features and culture also make Australia an unique countries. It is popular as a travel and study abroad destination. There are plenty of charms that you would want to visit again and again.

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Canada is a country that accepts immigrants and international students as a multicultural society and offer the environments where each individual can develop their own potential.

Canada is a country that accepts immigrants and international students as a multicultural society and offer the environments where each inpidual can develop their own potential. Language study, higher education and junior high school and high school are established with high quality and accepting students with various purposes and backgrounds.

Currently the Government of Canada has many policies to encourage Vietnamese students to study at community colleges and universities in most Canadian cities with CES and SDS framework for fast visa process and non-financial proof. This is a highlight that attracts Vietnamese students to study in Canada.


Why destination

Luxurious language learning environment

Students can learn both English and French There are two official languages in Canada, English and French, and the proportion of residents who make each of them the first language depends largely on the region. Of course ""Language School"" also refers to teaching both English and French. It is also good to challenge yourself to study abroad in a bilingual country with high ambition!Easy-to-hear ""beautiful"" English is spokenCanadian English is common to American English in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation. It migh hard to tell from Canadian and American English when you first hear them talking. Some said Canadian has softer accent.

Safe and naturally beautiful environment for everyone to live in

Canada is considered as a safe and easy to live country compared to the others with moderate urban areas, open natural landscapes and diversed environments. When studying abroad, students need to feel comfortable and safe to be able to focus on studying. If this is what you are looking for then Canada is definitely a destination you would like consider.

Cost can be kept low, and you can live at your own pace

Especially when going to the inland regions, the living cost is low, and there are many ways to live economically. Each Canadian cities have its unique that attract students from all over the world, living cost and tuition fee varies depends on the locations that match the students background and needs.

Easy study abroad with the United States!

The land of Canada is very large, but the area where people actually live is concentrated in the south, the coastline and the lakeside near the border with the United States. As you move a bit, it is already a neighboring country so you can travel easily, you can change the place and continue your further studies. It seems that it is possible to realize a large study abroad which fully enjoy the North American continent.

Visa preparation

  • Visa to study at Canadian language school, university, elementary school, elementary school, elementary school, etc. for more than 6 months
  • Duration changes according to course
  • It is necessary to have official admission to a government certified educational institution
  • Work permitted during the course and after completion
  • Visa application before traveling is required
  • Visa extension in Canada is possible