About DEOW study abroad centre

We are engaged in consultation and procedural substitution services concerning study abroad and school selection at the study abroad world. In addition to selecting schools and applications, arranging for accommodation and arranging air tickets (through partnership travel agencies), visa application support, pre-departure guidance, subscription procedures for overseas travel insurance as an agent and use at the destination of study abroad We also offer local support in overseas offices to customers who have used our company, such as issuing prepaid cards, etc. in various fields.
The study abroad world deals with studying abroad in many countries in Central and South America in North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and we receive consultation not only in the English-speaking countries but also in other languages such as French and Spanish. For our customers, the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, France is a popular destination.Please check the country list here.
We offer free consultation and procedural substitution services for study abroad. Local support after arrival can also be used free of charge depending on the period of study you applied. Although there are also services that require some fee, such as application procedures for schools without partnerships, you can basically use the study abroad world free of charge by the customer.
Our company has made a partnership with a local school as a formal agent, and profits the introduction fee that can be provided by sending the students from the school. As a result, it is possible to proxy the procedure without having to charge additional students from international students' customers.Conversely, if you are going to proceed with a school that does not have a partnership, you will be charged a fee and support fee for the customer, but those who want to go to school can not be found on our website as impossible ... Never give up, please contact us first. Please do not hesitate to tell us the question Can you apply for this school fee-free application?
Main contents of support are as follows.· Orientation about local life (about usage of public transportation, about mobile phone and bank account opening etc)· Transfer at local office · Extension procedure and counseling· Wi-Fi at local office, using PC or printer· Consultation by telephone or e-mailIn addition, depending on the type, more secure support such as emergency response of 24 hours is attached. You can also use the support specialized for regular studying abroad to middle school and high school.
Yes, please come by all means. Actually there are also study abroad like not necessarily going to school such as working holiday.We also arrange dormitories and sharehouses managed by our company and also apply for overseas travel insurance as an official agent, so there are many customers who only use the accommodation and insurance arrangement services I will.
Yes, it is possible. Customers who live in rural areas and who have difficulty counseling directly in the office will be pleased if you can contact us by email or phone. If you live in a city with our overseas office please also use overseas office counseling together.
Yes, please consult those who are still vague about the plan. We are also accepting consultation on the contents that you do not know which country is good although the purpose of study abroad is decided, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
First of all, please contact our study abroad world. We will contact you later on how we fill out and submit the program application form. We will also inform you about other documents and other necessary documents for visa application, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not know what to do next.If you already have a counselor in charge, please inquire about how to apply.
Payment is fundamentally bank transfer. Please contact the counselor in charge regarding detailed procedures and exchange rates of local currency.Sorry, we do not currently accept credit card payment.