List of majors


Media designerLearn the professions involved in creating advertising images, promotional videos.Overseas study is a great source of inspiration for studying at school and in everyday life. In the future, you will take advantage of the technology that has been studied abroad to find international work.
For those who:
  • Desire to do media-related work
  • Desire to do work related to design and art
  • Get the latest technology with rich equipment
  • Create many international relationships
  • Program
  • Animation
  • Photography, photo editing
  • How to use design software
Countries where you can study advertising design
  • America: The most up-to-date technology. So in the US, you have the opportunity to explode with your design!
  • UK: In the UK schools, you not only learn traditional arts but also learn graphic design.
  • Canada: Besides the film industry, the field of gaming has also grown.
  • Australia: At vocational schools in Australia, where you can learn practical knowledge. Because this place has a high quality vocational education, thus improving your practical skills.
  • Newzealand: At New Zealand vocational schools, you will study special courses in other areas of "design" and "media". You have many opportunities to find a job after graduation, and you can improve your career skills.