Pathway programs at prestigious universities in New Zealand

Pathway programs at prestigious universities in New Zealand


Australia and New Zealand introductory period

We want to make sure you are confident on your pathway to academic success. That’s why when you start one of our programs online, you will have 21 days to experience learning in your virtual classroom.


Online High School Study Abroad Preparation Course

The purpose of the online high school study abroad preparation course is not only to improve your English proficiency but also to reproduce the lessons abroad more realistically and to experience the environment before studying abroad. Overseas, it is common to study English separately for each purpose, and this term added a new essay course. Practical learning to write essays in English, which Japanese people are not good at. In addition, now in terms, we will study Chemistry and Biology, which have received many requests from before. Because it uses a lot of technical terms, it is a highly effective subject to study in advance before studying abroad.


Updated list of Australian Partner Institutions of Deow

Free of service charge for application to Deow's partner schools


Shoreline Community College is Online for Summer and Fall Quarter

We are excited to welcome your students to the summer and fall quarter at Shoreline Community College!


When is Queen's Birthday in New Zealand? Deow Vietnam applies free of charge for study visa counselling to NZ

In New Zealand, the Queen's Birthday holiday occurs on the first Monday in June.