Our Support


Free consultation anytime

Estimates and counseling are offered free of charge at DEOW.The first step of studying abroad process is consultation. For matters such as expenses, visa, overseas life, please do not hesitate to contact us. Consultation can take place in any of our offices in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya and oversea office. Online consultation is also available via email, Skype or SNS.

Visa support is also free

At Deow, visa acquisition support of students who applied to study with us is done free of charge. Visa is required for long-term study abroad, but please do not worry.

Free school application support

DEOW is a no-fee study abroad agency. We can help to arrange your study at our partnered educational institution such as language schools, vocational schools, universities without additional cost. (* Fee might be applied to non-partnered institution)

Post-departure support

Local support

Students who travel to the destinations where our office branches are based will be offered consistent support. Students are given orientation after their arrival and 24 hours emergency support.

School transfers and admission support in the country

At the Deow's local office, we offer direct consultation for studying at any educational institutions in our partnership. You can start with language course at any language institution and transfer to College or University after that with our help in application process.

Career support service (Japanese students only)

We offer career support service for students after returning to their home country, we introduce the career support packages from cooperation with human resource companies.