High school

School Type Introduction

Extend talent in an environment where you can study freely!
In Australia, which is aggressive in accepting international students and tolerant to immigrants and foreigners as a whole, recruiting outstanding students from the stage of high school and establishing English classes for students who lack adequate language skills We are preparing the environment.
International students can accept both public and private schools, and in some cases it is possible for students to pass in a form like entrance examination for only half a semester.

Preference information

  • Learn freely with freedom of environment

    In Australia, for both adults and teenagers, the environment for peace of mind for overseas students is in place. For example, when feeling that the Vietnamese educational environment does not match, if you move to a place where you can learn freely, your potential may be derived more. 

  • The choice of course will spread after graduation

    When you leave the local high school in the field, the choice of going on to further advance will also increase. You can also go to Australian universities and vocational schools such as Australian universities and TAFE smoothly and enter the Vietnamese university also entrance entrance of recommendation entrance examination that you can appoint the return examination examination frame and experience of study abroad. Acquiring an international Baccalaureate diploma (IB Diploma) which is widely accepted worldwide also extends the way of going on to universities in countries other than Australia. 

  • Admission time is flexible

    In Australia one Academic Year is divided into four semesters and you can enroll from any term. High school study abroad is not necessarily the purpose of graduation, students who want to experience the school life of a foreign country can communicate in a relatively short time.