Language Schools

School Type Introduction

Even beginners in English can be safe
A lot of foreign students from Vietnam and Asian countries tend to gather from the geographical position, but even beginners in English are safe even when it is embarrassing. Many language schools have various features ranging from small family home runs to busy things with a large number of students. There are schools that use some school buildings at vocational schools and language schools attached to the university, so it is good to get accustomed to the learning environment for those who wish to advance to a local higher education institution after improving their English proficiency It's a choice.

A popular location as a destination is a city near the coast rather than the central part of the country. It is a unique point that you can experience the opposite season of Vietnam in the Southern Hemisphere.

Preference information

  • Short-term study abroad

    If you go to school for up to 3 months, you can apply for a visa by a so - called sightseeing visa without needing a visa application at the embassy. You can obtain an electronic visa ETA (aka ETAS) online and start entering the school smoothly.

  • Long term study abroad

    For long-term language study over 3 months, a student visa application is required, and conditions are also added to schools and class hours that go along. As student visa is acquired, part-time job is also possible on site, so there is a benefit that you can practice and practice what you learned in the classroom right away.