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Prepare for formal study abroad
I go to the High School Preparation program
When you suddenly change the environment and learn subjects in a foreign language, there are many points that you have to get used to and you may even get stress.

Therefore, it is the High School Preparation (high school preparation) program which is recommended especially for those going to regular regular junior and senior high school study abroad programs. It is content to learn English, local culture and customs, study skills to learn subjects in English etc, and it will be stimulating with students from all over the world who wish to proceed to the main subject of the local high school or get along with each other can also do. Studying undergraduate studies can be started with a perfect system that reduces anxiety factors. It is a good idea to take classes to avoid situations such as lack of English and lack of teaching.

The high school preparation program is offered at the language school, and after completion it will be the trend to go on to a partner high school. Programs aimed at going on to public schools, private schools and high schools in various areas are also being offered to meet a wide range of demands.

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