School Type Introduction

International students welcome high-quality universities
Australia has actively received international students in various learning areas, and universities are no exception. The number of universities is small, the educational standard is kept high accordingly, and it is characterized by clearly showing which field is strong by university. For that reason, students can choose their preferred university according to what they want to learn and will be encouraged to practical useful learning after graduation.

Although it usually takes three years to complete the bachelor's degree, if you need to attend the preparatory course for reasons such as insufficient academic background or English skills, the total period of study abroad will increase to around 4 years.

Preference information

  • Accurate application conditions depend on each university, but educational qualifications beyond high school graduation are essential.The desired results are based on the aspiring college or aspiration course, and in the case of arts such as music and art, presentation and audition of portfolios (work collection) Sometimes it is necessary. For international students, it is desirable to complete the university preparation course after graduating from high school. High school graduation from countries other than Australia may not be considered equal to the local high school graduate, so students in the target country go on to the university department after taking the preparatory course foundation course

  • About English ability

    Generally it is a little higher than IELTS 6.5, which is required for undergraduate course attendance. Even if the level of English is slightly lower, you can take the Foundation course before starting the course, you can extend it, but if you are in elementary or first intermediate level that does not satisfy the entrance requirements of the foundation course first you need to start with your language study abroad Will come out.