University preparation

School Type Introduction

Foundation (foundation) is the meaning of foundation, the foundation course is the preparatory course to solidify the foundation of academic ability and knowledge for going to the university's department, as its meaning. Specialized study begins in Australian university from the first year, studying as a general education of Vietnamese universities ends at the stage of high school, international students who have not graduated from the local high school attend a foundation course to compensate for that part To do. The course is offered directly by the university or open at the college of the affiliated partner and can be promoted to the university department afterward if it is completed with good grades.

Preference information

  • Academic background

    If you are graduating from a high school in Vietnam you can proceed to the department after completing the preparatory course Foundation course for one year. (There are also sometimes courses where entrance is permitted after completing more than two years of high school.)

  • English aspects

    If the final academic background is high school graduates in Vietnam and your English skills are insufficient, you will be able to improve your English skills while attending the Foundation course. However, since I'm usually required to have an English proficiency around IELTS 5.0 for taking a Foundation course, I have never been better to study English before entering