High school

School Type Introduction

Students from overseas have good quality education in welcome environment
When I go to high school in Canada, I can improve my English ability from early stages to gather information on advanced course, and I can submit my application as it is to my university with a gradual result and it will make it easier for me to go to college in Canada There are advantages.
In Canada, international students can also attend public high schools (public students can communicate free of charge but expenses will be incurred in the case of international students) in addition to private students, especially in British Columbia, which is aggressive in accepting international students Support of the provincial government is also in place, and it is safe to provide supplementary lessons in English at public schools. The way to stay is mainly for homestay in the case of public school, choice for dormitory stay if it is private school. Private schools have higher tuition.

Preference information

  • Favorable for going to university in the USA and Canada

    If you go to a foreign university after leaving Vietnamese high school, you will need to attend English reinforcement classes and preparatory courses before this course, but if you have a local high school diploma, The application of this application will be possible. In Canada, since the same education system as the United States is used, the course after graduation extends beyond the domestic range more widely. International Baccalaureate etc. If you have finished internationally recognized curriculum, you can go to universities like Europe and Oceania regardless of whether you are in the US or Canada.

  • Applicable regardless of English proficiency

    Schools that are aggressive in accepting foreign students have English classes for overseas students, so students who are not confident in the language can apply without hesitation. Also, it is highly likely that you receive a lesson at Vietnamese schools (achievement above the average is preferable), and attendance rate is good, you will get entrance permission.

  • International student support is implemented with the state raised

    Canada has a very strong support system for international students, and even in public schools English reinforcement classes are offered as a curriculum. In the school district where there are Vietnamese staff and Vietnamese teacher, if it is difficult to consult in English, we can correspond in Vietnamese. Also, many school districts visit Vietnam from many states including British Columbia, and we will do a study abroad fair at the embassy. The school district side is actively seeking students from Vietnam as well as on-site support.

  • You can also go to language school before going to high school

    Even those who do not have confidence suddenly enter Canadian high school can also study English at private language schools, summer schools, etc. before enrolling. You can learn necessary skills in the local high school in advance, you can get used to the environment sooner.

  • Custodian system of peace of mind

    In Canada, when an underage studies abroad for a long term, it is necessary to register a guardian named Custodian. Custodian is an important existence that monitors the living in the field and becomes the parent of one international student. In case of single traveling We can not apply for a visa without a custodian, but safety is secured at the site.