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Canada is a bilingual state where English and French are accepted as official languages, and "language study abroad" is not limited to one language naturally. And there are various interesting features in the language spoken at the site. It can be said that Canadian English is able to realize "Canadian French" and study abroad aiming for skill improvement in a unique and richer language environment

Preference information

  • Studying English

    English used in Canada may be confusing if spoken words and written words are similar to both those in the United States and the United Kingdom but it is not familiar, but if it is a neutral pronunciation which can be smoothly communicated in both countries, it is general I have been told. Of course there are differences in accent depending on the area, but it is tempting to think that it is a country where you can study English that you can apply safely in various places.

  • French study abroad

    Because Canadian French has some differences from the French one in terms of meaning and grammar of words, it would be fun to compare the difference if you can do French to some extent. Montreal in Québec is popular as a destination. Because the same school possesses both English and French courses, two languages ​​studying abroad may be possible!