Language Schools

School Type Introduction

Country-managed Quality Language Study Abroad
International students from Japan and other Asian countries tend to gather a lot, but for beginners in English it is safe even when it is embarrassing. Local people are also warm and friendly, so even if you are studying abroad for the first time, you can have a chance to interact. Since the quality of language schools is monitored by government agencies, students who are considering enrollment can choose trusted schools, and if they go to school that is particularly recognized as good quality, they can work part-time with student visas , Plans will be established that will be positive for both the outcome of study abroad and the economic side.
Those who would like to experience the university campus life in a foreign country are recommended to have an attached language course whose course schedule is the semester and the opening is also within the premises of the university. If you are considering going to a local university, you can also use it as a time to judge whether the environment actually suits you

Preference information

  • Short-term study abroad

    It is possible to go to school for up to 3 months without prior application, so-called tourist visa. Language schools There are almost places where acceptance from 1 to 2 weeks is possible, so you can also make use of a small break.

  • Long term study abroad

    A school of language school longer than 3 months (13 weeks) can go to a student visa. If you are a school that meets the conditions of your current school quality, you can also work part-time. Also, as New Zealand can extend the visa in the country, it is also very free to think about extending your school entry period and proceeding to the destination of language study.