University preparation

School Type Introduction

Those who are considering going to university in New Zealand must undergo a foundation course. In the foundation course such as ACG, you can acquire essential critical thinking and logical thinking by studying overseas universities, you can also acquire basic computer usage and research skills.

Preference information

  • Those who have finished the foundation course of ACG can choose either University of Auckland or Auckland University of Technology as a destination to go on to. Courses and courses will vary depending on the university you go on to.

  • All students are required to take English classes as essential subjects unless they have proved their English proficiency level of IELTS 7.0 or higher prior to enrollment. Although it is the criterion of the subject to be selected, students of business department should select subjects such as economics, statistics etc which future students will learn at the university, students of the Department of Science need to learn science and biology.


Other type of schools in New Zealand