School Type Introduction

Community college is an educational institution like junior college says in Vietnam and can qualify as Associate Degree. Taking the Associate Degree degree, it is also possible to transfer the unit in the third year of the university and transfer it, and you can continue to graduate as it is. The community college is popular as a way to lower graduation of university where entrance condition is lower than 4 year university, student is gentle in terms of reduced tuition fee, direct hiring hurd is high.

Preference information

  • GPA is less than necessary number

    The GPA necessary for admission is slightly lower than the university, studying at the community college etc., studying at the community college etc, then transferring credits, transferring to the university, continuing studying until obtaining the bachelor degree can aim at obtaining the bachelor 's degree.

  • I do not have enough English skills

    If you receive an offer for conditional admission that permits admission after extending your English ability from university until the designated time, you can afford to raise your English level.