Language Schools

School Type Introduction

Find a school that suits you in a country with diversity
America is a very attractive country with its diversity and the many things you can experience. Not only in the states and large cities where international students are concentrated but also in language schools where there are few foreigners, not only international students, there are language schools designed to avoid only being exchanged with Vietnamese and Asian students Is possible.

From children to adults, various schools offer various plans for studying abroad with friends and family. There is a variety of cities and environments in the United States of unknown size, it is amazing variety whether it is different even in the same country. Because there are various features, you can find schools that match yourself if you search more finely. 

Preference information

  • Short-term study abroad

    In many cases, language school attendance is possible from the week of school holidays and holidays. Even though the enrollment day is mostly Monday every week, even if the vacation is irregular, it is flexible enough to depart even at suddenly imagined timing.

  • Long term study abroad

    If you study abroad for a long period of time, there will be plans to study abroad not only for improving your English proficiency but also for your future advancement. It is meaningful to aim for passing the ability test for university or vocational college entrance examination, or to improve the learning skills for studying English not only in English itself.