School Type Introduction

Expertise at the university that suits me
Although it is America that has nearly 4000 universities, private and public, together, students are competing for application in order to study fields of interest from both local and overseas. Admission is not the result of the entrance examination, it is decided after judging various factors such as high school grades, academic ability test SAT score, extracurricular activities you have been doing until now, it is important to accumulate studies from junior high and high school.

It is very important to maintain GPA (Grade Point Average, grades) even while you are in the university, and there is even a risk of withdrawal if you fall down too much. It can be said that a degree is worthwhile because it is difficult not only to enroll but also to graduate. 

Preference information

  • At the time of filing an application, it is necessary to graduate from a high school in the country of origin.The grades of the school corresponding to the final academic background are evaluated at the time of application examination, and the pass / fail judgment is judged comprehensively together with other factors. In the case of transferring to a university after acquiring the qualifications of a Vietnamese university or associate bachelor, the grade of the school which becomes the final academic record becomes important.

  • About English proficiency

    In the case of the United States, the English level is judged based on the score of the TOEFL exam. For TOEFL iBT 61 points or more, PBD 600 points or more is the market price, but it depends on the aspiring college or department. There are other universities that accept world-wide IELTS exams and rarely Vietnamese examinations as proof of English proficiency. If the level of English is slightly less than what you need, you can also get permission of conditional admission with conditions such as take this score in this English proficiency exam by the specified date. By processing like temporary admission permission, clearing the specified conditions will make it sunny and can be officially enrolled. In English, it is called Conditional offer.