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Aspire 2

Country: New Zealand
City / State:
Contact information:
Address: 20 Hobson Street, Auckland 1010
Language School
Phone: 64 9 5555 400


Aspire2 International is a leading New Zealand training provider that offers people the education and skills to succeed in work and life. We have been a registered Private Training Establishment (PTE) since 1996 and are one of the largest NZQA-accredited PTEs in New Zealand. 
Besides Auckland campuses, other campuses are located in major New Zealand cities such as Christchurch, Tauranga. Aspire2 is Category 1 in New Zealand. With over 4,000 students, this is one of the top PTE schools in New Zealand. The strengths of the school include: Professional and dedicated trainers, new and updated curriculum, counseling and support, Study for real jobs in real industries, Extracurricular Activities, Facilities, Career Assistance. Students will be assisted in finding suitable part-time work from the time they are studying to help them to accumulate experience and easily find a suitable job, good after-school benefits. Students will also be taught interview skills, and are advised on how to write a resume and cover letter effectively.

Majors & Departments

Business Management
Health Services
IT & Computing
Cookery & Culinary Arts
Hospitality Management
English Language

School fee estimation

Business ManagementNZD 16.250 – 17.250/ year
Health ServicesNZD 16.250 – 18.250/ year
IT & ComputingNZD 16.250 – 18.250/ year
EngineeringNZD 16.250 / year
Cookery & Culinary ArtsNZD 16.250 / year
Hospitality ManagementNZD 16.250 / year
English LanguageNZD 300-380/ week
PathwayPlease contact for details