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Kings Colleges

Country: United Kingdom
City / State: Oxford
Contact information:
Address: Temple Road, Cowley ,Oxford, OX4 2UJ, UK
South East England
Phone: 44 (0) 1865 711829


Kings College is a high quality international education group with teaching locations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. The college offers undergraduate courses, high school courses and English courses.

In the USA, the school is based in Boston, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles and the University of Wisconsin

In the UK, the school is based in the cities of Bournemouth, London, Oxford and Brighton.

Kings College was founded by Frederick King after the Second World War with the goal of connecting people from many different cultures to promoting global development through common language communication - English. Then, Robert Watts took over Kings College's education system from King and continued to pioneer the development of language education and kept King's original vision and goals. This was evident in the 1970s with its reputation as one of the first universities in the UK to welcome many international students from China and Asia.

Since its founding, hundreds of thousands of international students have been trained at the Kings and from nearly 100 different countries – providing multicultural international learning environments whether students choose to study in the UK or US.

Prime Education has been taking over Kings College since 2008 and remains committed to the vision values ​​from the founder. Kings provides general education and language course for young people from all over the world who intend to study in the English language - to develop and nurture every student to help them achieve personal growth, achievement and the best learning outcomes based on circumstances, abilities and needs.

School fee estimation

Chương trình Học phí (£GBP)
Two-year A-level1Price per year23,97023,97023,97023,970
Extended A-level1
(1–3 terms in addition to two-year A-level)
Price per term5,3155,3155,3155,315
One-Year A-level1Full course price-27,97527,975-
Advanced Level FoundationFull course price19,75519,75519,75519,755
Extended FoundationPrice per term5,3155,3155,3155,315
Aston University Guaranteed Offer Programme2     
Two-year A-level coursePrice per year23,97023,97023,97023,970
One-year Advanced Level Foundation courseFull course price19,75519,75519,75519,755
Standard versionPrice per year23,970---
Accelerated versionFull course price23,97023,97023,97023,970
Additional termPrice per term7,9907,9907,9907,990
International High School Programme
(1–3 terms)
Price per term6,5856,5856,5856,585
Intensive Academic Summer Programme     
2018Price per week---695
2019Price per week---730
Easter Revision Programme     
1 A-level4 full days-880--
1 GCSE4 half days-440--
2 GCSEs4 full days-880--
International Business Foundation
(Full course price)
3 terms15,94515,94515,94515,945
 2 terms10,63010,63010,63010,630
Extended International Business FoundationPrice per term5,3155,3155,3155,315
Art FoundationFull course price-19,75519,75519,755
Extended Art FoundationPrice per term-5,3155,3155,315
Law FoundationFull course price--19,755-
Extended Law FoundationPrice per term--5,315-
English PreparationPrice per term5,3155,3155,3155,315
Art and Design Preparation ProgrammePrice per term-6,5856,5856,585
Boarding School Preparation ProgrammePrice per term7,990---
Medical Preparation Summer Programme     
2018Price per week---695
2019Price per week---730
IELTS Preparation Course3Full course price (6 weeks)1,9561,956-2,160
 Price per week326326352360
Intensive IELTS3Price per week---434
Super Intensive IELTS3Price per week---434
IELTS Exam fees4 160160160160