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University of New Brunswick

Country: Canada
City / State: Fredericton / Saint John
Contact information:
Address: Sir Howard Douglas Hall, 3 Bailey Drive Fredericton, New Brunswick / 100 Tucker Park Road Saint John, New Brunswick
New Brunswick
Email: /
Phone: (506) 453-4865/ (506) 648-5500


One of Canada’s top universities located on the east coast of Canada, the University of New Brunswick (UNB) was founded in 1785 as a public university with two main campuses in Fredericton and Saint John. , New Brunswick.

UNB is the oldest English language University in Canada with approximately 10,000 students from over 100 countries. Small class sizes and low student-professor ratio (16: 1) mean professors get to know their students by name. Students have more than 125 clubs and societies to choose between Fredericton and Saint John campuses and have 13 student residences in Fredericton and two places in Saint John.

 In addition, the university has more than 75 undergraduate programs, graduate studies programs offer courses and available research-based courses programs in over 30 fields and UNB has been named the most entrepreneurial  university at the Canada Startup Awards 2014.

Majors & Departments


Faculty of Business

Faculty of Computer Science

Accounting (Saint John)

Computer Science (Fredericton)

Electronic Commerce (Saint John)

Computer Science (Saint John)

General Business (Saint John)

Software Engineering (Fredericton)

Hospitality and Tourism (Saint John)

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Arts

Adult Education (Fredericton)

Applied Arts (Fredericton)

Education (Fredericton)

Anthropology (Fredericton)

Education (Saint John)

Archaeology (Fredericton)

Faculty of Engineering

Biology(Saint John)

Chemical Engineering (Fredericton)

Classical Studies(Fredericton)

Chemical Engineering (Saint John)

Classics (Fredericton)

Civil Engineering (Fredericton)

Comparative Cultural Studies (Fredericton)

Civil Engineering (Saint John)

Comparative Literature (Saint John)

Electrical and Computer Engineering (Fredericton)

Creative Writing (Fredericton)

Electrical Engineering (Saint John)

Criminal Justice Studies(Saint John)

Geological Engineering

Drama (Fredericton)

Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering

Economic Studies (Fredericton)

Mechanical Engineering


Software Engineering


Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, Faculty of Science


Environment and Natural Resources (Fredericton)

Gender and Women's Studies (Fredericton)

Faculty of Forestry

Gender Studies (Saint John)

Forestry (Fredericton)


Faculty of Science, Applied Science, and Engineering

Information and Communication Studies (Saint John)

Radiation Therapy (Saint John)

International Development Studies (Fredericton)

Radiography (Saint John)

International Studies (Saint John)

Respiratory Therapy (Saint John)

Law in Society (Fredericton)

Information Sciences (Saint John)

Linguistics(Saint John)

Faculty of Kinesiology

Mathematics (Saint John)

Kinesiology (Fredericton)

Media Arts and Cultures

Faculty of Law

Music (Fredericton)

Law (Fredericton)

Neuroscience (Fredericton)

Renaissance College

Philosophy (Fredericton)

Integrated Studies (Fredericton)

Philosophy (Saint John)

Leadership Studies (Fredericton)

Political Science (Fredericton)

Faculty of Nursing

Politics (Saint John)



Nursing - Advanced Standing (Moncton)


Faculty of Kinesiology

Statistics (Saint John)

Recreation and Sport Studies (Fredericton)

Faculty of Business Administration

Faculty of Science


Medical Laboratory Science (Fredericton)


Biology-Chemistry (Fredericton)

Economics and Finance (combined) (Fredericton)


Electronic Commerce (Saint John)

Biology-Psychology (Saint John)

Entrepreneurship (Fredericton)



Earth Sciences

French Communication and Culture (Saint John)


Human Resources Management

Environmental Biology (Saint John)

International Business (Fredericton)

Environmental Geochemistry (Fredericton)

Logistics (Fredericton)

Geology (Saint John)


Marine Biology (Saint John)


Mathematics (Saint John)


Mathematics and Statistics (Fredericton)






Statistics (Saint John)

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Fredericton campus

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