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University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Country: Canada
City / State: Oshawa
Contact information:
Address: Campus Corners, Suite 1400 2000 Simcoe Street North Oshawa, Ontario L1G 0C5 Canada


University of Ontario Institute of Technology, commonly known as UOIT, is a public research university located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. UOIT offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in science, engineering, health and information technology from its main campus, co-located with Durham College located on 160 ha of land in the northern part of Oshawa. The school also operates a secondary campus in Oshawa Center, offering programs in social science and education. There are more than 70 specialized research laboratories and facilities. These facilities show our commitment to attract top scholars and creating a great learning experience.

UOIT implements the model "Technology-Enriched Learning Environment " (TELE), which emphasizes the usage of computer resources through the experience of students. Faculty members encourage students to use laptops or other computing devices to complete assignments, perform laboratory research and interact with teachers in lectures. In the past, all undergraduate programs required students to rent laptops from university in terms of enrollment, although in recent years, many faculties have applied the "bring your own device", the purpose is to both create flexible transformations for users and continue to provide necessary software and support for learning.

Since its inception in 2003, UOIT has rapidly increased the number of students to more than 10,000 according to data provided in 2017 and has attracted hundreds of international students from 70 countries.

According to the ranking of the 2013 Bachelor's Degree University of Maclean, On Campus Rankings 2013 UOIT was ranked 15th in the ranking of universities offering bachelor's degrees in Canada.

Majors & Departments


Undergraduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Faculty of Business and Information Technology

·         Commerce

·         Information Technology

Business and Information Technology

Faculty of Education

·         Consecutive Educaion


Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

·         Nuclear Engineering

·         Sustainable Energy Systems

·         Health Physics and Radiation Science


Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

·         Automotive Engineering

·         Mechanical Engineering

·         Electrical Engineering

·         Machatronics Engineering

·         Manufacturing Engineering

·         Software Engineering


Faculty of Health Sciences

·         Healthscience

·         Nursing

·         Kinesiology

Health Science

Faculty of Science

·         Applied and Industrial Mathematics

·         Computer Science

·         Biological Science

·         Forensic Science

·         Chemistry

·         Physics


Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

·         Communication and Digital Media Studies

·         Criminology and Justice

·         Forensic Psychology

·         Legal Studies

·         Liberal Studies

·         Political Science

Social Science and Humanities

School fee estimation

Bachelor of Allied Health Science

Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science


Bachelor of Commerce


Bachelor of Engineering


Bachelor of Information Technology


Master of Arts in Education

$611.20 per credit

Master of Business Administration

$1,154.10 per credit

Master of Education

$611.20 per credit

Master of Information Technology Security

$993.84 per credit