List of schools

University of Tasmania

Country: Australia
City / State: Hobart
Contact information:
Address: Churchill Ave, Hobart TAS 7005, Australia
Phone: 61 3 6226 2999


The University of Tasmania is classed within the top two per cent of Universities worldwide and has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching. In 2015 alone, six University of Tasmania academics were given citations in the prestigious Australian Awards for University Teaching – the highest number for any Australian university. This recognition emphasises the high calibre of education offered across the breadth of academic disciplines at the University of Tasmania. The island location offers exciting research opportunities rarely found elsewhere. Here, students can take advantage of a contained, socio-ecological system in which to observe and understand some of the most significant challenges facing Australia and the world. Tasmania is a microcosm of culture and activity and boasts some of the world’s best food and produce, outstanding natural beauty, world-class art and culture, and a rich history. The university is a vibrant and diverse state that offers a lifestyle that is uniquely special in the modern world.

Majors & Departments

Advanced Diploma of Applied Science
Applied Science
Architecture & Built Environments
Biomedical Science (Honours)
Business Administration (Hospitality/ Tourism Management)
Contemporary Arts
Fine Arts
Global Logistics and Maritime Management
Health science
Justice Studies
Legal Studies
Marine and Antarctic Science
Medical Research
Medicine and Surgery
Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies
Psychological Science
Social Science
Surveying and Spatial Sciences
Visual Communication
Post graduates programs

School fee estimation

CourseFee (per year)
Advanced Diploma of Applied ScienceAUD  31,500
AgricultureAUD 32,500
Applied ScienceAUD 29,500 – 32,500
Architecture & Built EnvironmentsAUD 25,250
ArtsAUD 28,000 -29,000
Biomedical Science (Honours)AUD 31,000
BiotechnologyAUD 30,500
BusinessAUD 27,250 – 28,000
Business Administration (Hospitality/ Tourism Management)AUD 27,250
Contemporary ArtsAUD 27,250 – 29,000
EconomicsAUD 27,250 – 28,000
EducationAUD 27,000
EngineeringAUD 32,250 – 32,500
EnvironmentAUD 25,500 – 30,500
Fine ArtsAUD 29,000
Global Logistics and Maritime ManagementAUD 31,000
Health scienceAUD 27,500 – 31,000
ITAUD 27,000 – 30,250
Justice StudiesAUD 28,000
LawsAUD 28,000
Legal StudiesAUD 27,000
Marine and Antarctic ScienceAUD 33,500
MediaAUD 28,000
Medical ResearchAUD 29,000
Medicine and SurgeryAUD 64,000
MusicAUD 29,000
Natural Environment and Wilderness StudiesAUD 30,500
NursingAUD 29,000
Psychological ScienceAUD 28,000 – 31,000
ScienceAUD 28,000 – 32,500
Social ScienceAUD 28,000
Surveying and Spatial SciencesAUD 32,500
Visual CommunicationAUD 29,000
Post graduates programsAUD 13,125 – 35,500