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UTS Insearch

Country: Úc
City / State: Sydney
Contact information:
Address: Ground Floor 187 Thomas Street Haymarket NSW 2000
New South Wales
Phone: 1800 896 994


You would like to get a degree from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) - the leading University in Australia through a pathway or need to improve English to go to college. UTS Insearch maybe the best choice for you, it’s located in Sydney city center controlled by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) which is a registered private higher education provider of pathways to UTS.

They offer academic programs:

• English Language Courses: You will learn English and academic literacy necessary skills to enter an English-speaking university chosen from different programs that match your skill level: English Academic for University Foundation, College or Bachelor programs.

• UTS Foundation Studies: Designed for students graduating from high school in 11th grade and providing a pathway to study at UTS Insearch diploma program  or for first-year students in any UTS bachelor's degree program.

• Diplomas is designed for students who do not meet the academic or English requirements for directing entry into UTS bachelor's degree programs. You can choose the Standard, Accelerated or Extended program or studying integrated learning English and extending pathway.

The diploma programs of UTS Insearch are offered during 8, 12 or 16 months and English courses are offered more than 10 intakes throughout the year, 3 admission times are in March, July and October. In addition, we also offer suitable courses for all levels and needs from the academic programs through six areas including: business, communication, design and architecture, engineering, information technology and science.

Each year, more than 90% of our college graduates earn the necessary grades to enter a UTS bachelor's degree. Studying UTS Insearch diploma program, when you complete your studies, you will receive a guarantee for the corresponding UTS university degree and will take you directly into the second year of UTS.

At UTS Insearch, you will benefit from a special combination of ongoing academic support, small class sizes and practical learning, designed to help you realize your full potential and bring to you the most powerful development factors at UTS.

In order to help students access our high quality programs, we have established partnerships with a number of schools in six countries outside Australia: China, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam (ACET center), Myanmar and Nepal to provide English and Diploma programs.

Majors & Departments


English Language Courses
      General English

      Academic English for Foundation

      Academic English for Diploma

      Academic English for Bachelor/Masters


UTS Foundation Studies:

      Standard – Tiêu chuẩn (2 semesters - 8 months)

      Extended – Kéo dài (3 semesters - 12 tháng)

The UTS programs you can choose after completing UTS Foundation Studies:

  •       Analytics and Data Science
  •       Business
  •       Communication
  •       Design, Architecture and Building
  •       Education
  •       Engineering
  •       Health
  •       Health (GEM)
  •       Information Technology
  •       International Studies
  •       Law
  •       Science and Mathematics
  •       Transdisciplinary Innovation



      Accelerated – Rút ngắn (2 semesters - 8 months)

      Standard – Tiêu chuẩn (3 semesters - 12 months)

      Extended – Kéo dài (4 semesters - 16 months)

Choose among:

  • Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Engineering
  • Diploma of Communication
  • Diploma of Information Technology
  • Diploma of Design and Architecture
  • Diploma of Science

School fee estimation

English Language Courses

A$525 per week

UTS Foundation Studies

A$25,250  / 2 semesters(8 months)


      Diploma of Business

      Diploma of Engineering

      Diploma of Communication

      Diploma of Information Technology

      Diploma of Design and Architecture

      Diploma of Science


A$31,000 / 3 semesters(12 months)